When it is crucial to protect your loved one’s legal interests in their most delicate stages of life, or even after their passing,


Watson Law, LLC, prides itself on a maintaining its strong relationships with its clients, as well as the Greenville County Probate Court. We are trusted to assist those in need of Probate Administration, Guardianship and Conservatorship services with diligence, competence, and dignity during what is undoubtedly an emotionally demanding situation.

Probate Administration

While the loss of a loved one is painful, emotionally taxing, and often unexpected, it also brings immediate legal consequences with it regarding the remaining property and wishes of the departed. Watson Law, LLC, offers services to those named as Personal Representative (e.g., “Executor”) to the estates of the departed and offers a full spectrum of involvement. Our office can advise Personal Representatives who want to better understand the process of Probate yet want to handle the administration themselves; on the other hand, we also offer comprehensive involvement by filling out all necessary forms, giving in-depth advice to Personal Representatives, and, where necessary, assembling a team of professionals to best collect, manage, value, and protect estate assets (professionals such as real estate agents, financial advisors, accountants, property appraisers, among others).

Guardianships and Conservatorships

If you have a family member or close loved one who has developed an incapacity or disability from an accident, physical illness, or mental incapacity such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, another individual may be best suited to manage their finances, property, or healthcare decisions if the they are unable to manage their affairs or make reasonable healthcare decisions for themselves. These situations can also be emotionally taxing, as it is difficult to admit when your parent, spouse, or other loved one can no longer adequately function.

Watson Law, LLC, can assist in obtaining court approval for another to manage that person’s affairs. Whether it is proper to seek a “Conservatorship” (i.e., a legal arrangement where an individual manages the money and property of another incompetent minor or adult for that minor or adult’s benefit) or a “Guardianship” (i.e., a legal arrangement where an individual makes healthcare decisions for an incapacitated adult or minor whose parents are deceased), Watson Law, LLC, will help families petition courts for Guardianships or Conservatorships where necessary and assist the appointed Guardians and Conservators in carrying out their duties to the court.